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Wikipedia is a heavily censored encyclopedia full of misinformation and disinformation. As one of Wikipedia's own admins puts it:

 04:04 < sean_black> there is no freedom of speech on Wikipedia


[edit] Why does Wikipedia lack so much relevant information, and why does it contain so much misleading information?

The "TOP SECRET" document Codeword: Cablesplice leaked in 1993 states that:

"Electronic computer systems, bulletin boards, and information superhighway in general is an area of considerable importance to efforts to combat the activities of The Disrupters Movement. The ability of opponents to utilize computer bulletin boards to pass information and educate people must be met with an active program of disinformation and attack."

[edit] A modern profession: Disinformation and Discredit Agent

Once you realize that there really is such a thing as a conspiracy you will soon find that there's a lot more than one conspiracy that's taken place the last thousand years. Many of them, like the chemtrail holocaust, are on-going and are, to those who know about them, clearly visible on a daily basis.

A huge number of conspiracies involve governments, the military and intelligence agencies. And none of them want to be exposed.

This has turned "misinformation" or "disinformation" into huge hidden professions.

Once you become aware of this, you will be able to see them working on almost all big forums, wikis and even in the comment section of blogs who touch controversial topics.

Their job is done quite advanced:

  • Remove content when possible, in anyway possible, even if it involved hacking and other illegal means
  • Discredit and slander the author
  • Post misleading or irrelevant information to shift attention away from the topic

[edit] Want proof? Check the history

Eye-balling the history page (check the last 500 edits) of any controversial issue on Wikipedia will show you very clearly what is going on. What is even more telling is that information and relevant questions added to the "Talk" pages related to such articles is being discretely removed - Why would someone deliberately try to hide or avoid debate?

[edit] Want more proof? Add some!

Wikipedia categorizes a lot of topic where there is huge amounts of factual evidence available that clearly proves that the topic really IS a conspiracy, not a theory, "Conspiracy theories". These articles are generally watched closely by disinformation agents.

If you have read so far and still doubt that Wikipedia is deliberately being changed in order to cover up actual conspiracies then simply add conclusive evidence and/or links to sites who provide such and see for yourself: the relevant information will be gone within a few days. This is why "History" in many cases provide a lot more information than the articles presented, but not in all cases because Mediawiki only shows you the last 500 edits. (until you click the blue link that says "next 500", that is... Damn those disinformation terrorists, hiding the truth in plain sight, yet again!)


[edit] Disinformation terrorist at

[edit] Articles plagued by government-sponsored disinformation terrorist

[edit] Wikipedia Sweden

Meet "Nicke", a professional Swedish disinformation writer

Wikipedia Sweden has, like all the local Wikipedia pages, a lot of professional disinformation writers who are monitoring pages regarding controversial issues in order to be able to instantly edit away any true information or links to true information.

Nicke Lilltroll is a good example. Those who are able to understand Swedish can see this clearly by looking at the history of the article "11 september-attackerna" +.

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