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Surveillance, Psychotronics and (Gang-)Stalking Operations

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"An Open Letter To The FBI And Other Government Terrorists: The FBI and other federally funded government organizations have in everyway possible violated the Constitution Of The United States Of America, as they continue each day to psychologically torture both my family and self, in a vicious and calculated campaign to destroy our sanity. Your illegal use of psychological warfare on us, and the additional use of classified and advanced terrorist/mindcontrol technology on myself, which includes electromagnetic weapons (specifically psychotronics), is duly noted. You people are terrorists and should be subjected to the punishments befitting of such lowlife creatures."

--James F. Marino

Author's Note:

The US Federal Intelligence Community does not want their modern day COINTELPRO criminal activity against activists or anyother American citizens being made public. Since the Patriot Act was created the US Intelligence Community and in particular the FBI and NSA have routinely violated the Civil Rights of Americans worse than ever before, and with little or no judicial oversight.

This complete lack of checks and balances has given these agencies Gestapo-like authority to spy on any persons they choose to, even without probable cause, and to prevent others from letting those being spied on know about it, under threat of arrest for obstruction of justice.

What is most ironic here is that the FBI is clearly guilty of obstructing justice in a myriad of terrorist attacks on US Soil since the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. The FBI has gone on to obstruct justice in the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, the 1996 missile downing of TWA Flight 800, and the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

In each of these cases the FBI was complicit in aiding and abetting those perpetrators by either confiscating and destroying crucial evidence in these investigations, fabricating evidence, or circulating disinformation in an effort to deceive the American people as those who were behind these attacks.

These actions by the FBI are proof positive, that this organization is no longer legitimate law enforcement (if it ever was) and a threat to the safety, well being, and Civil Liberties of each and every American citizen.

James F. Marino US Government Synthetic Telepathy Target/Activist

<a href="">Jim Marino's Latest Website Which He Created After The FBI Deleted His Old One</a>

The Norwegian "Security Police", "Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste", are not even remotely about security for the citizens of Norway. They are all about insecurity, lies, propaganda and torture. This criminal terrorist agency started torturing me with psychotronics, voice-to-skull weapons and direct energy weapons shortly after making 911-documentaries available on The TorrentChannel - With full aid and support from the corrupt criminal local police department ("Bærum Politikammer").

The Norwegian "security" police and those assigned to it at the local police station are terrorists and should be subjected to the punishments befitting of such lowlife creatures. --xiando(tm)

"Harassment with beamed radiation, microwave and otherwise, is becoming a huge problem in the US and in other countries. From time to time you see a newspaper article reporting on a family like this man's being victimized. There are many more complaints on the internet." --Michael Howard Overlin, 14. June 2005.

"People who are working on these issues hear tones and hums. If you hear persistent tones and static; have body vibrations, burning sensations, "bangs" to the head, neurological damage, or immune system damage; are hearing electronic voices or hearing the sound of a plasma; suffering from pains deep in your organs or constant headaches; or experiencing other anomalous activity then you may be being targeted by directed energy, mind control weapons. These weapons could be on helicopters, jets, stealth fighters, or on satellites. Directed energy beams and electromagnetic waves can be sent to you via hand-held devices or piggy-backed in on cell phone and satellite towers." --Carolyn Williams Palit


[edit] Why Surveillance, Psychotronics and (Gang-)Stalking Operations?

"Senator Frank Church chaired the Senate Hearings on the FBI’s Cointelpro operation, which spied upon & attempted to INFILTRATE, DISRUPT & DISCREDIT the peace movement, even Martin Luther King Jr." (Senator Frank Church: The NSA could enable a dictator to impose total tyranny +)

When regimes in the “free western world” identify opposition they try to shut it down. They will try to discredit anyone involved and spread disinformation, but that is just a very small part of the process.

What may be called "Surveillance, Psychotronics and (Gang-)Stalking Operations" are used widely against the domestic population of citizens in NATO countries who do not play ball with their tyrannic government.

The tactic is to work and harass in secret and is aimed at being stealthy: Hard to prove and easy to deny. Another commonly used term for this phenomenon is “mind control” - and these operations do aim at controlling individuals.

These operations are carried out by local governments in cooperation with the military, and the arsenal used for complete surveillance and harassment is far more advanced than most people are able to grasp. Direct energy weapons, microwave weapons and voice-to-skull weapons are commonly used, yet most people are unaware that they exist and refuse to accept that such weapons could possible be used against a huge number of citizens even though both their existence and widespread government abuse is well documented. It is really very simple: If you are not able to understand that these things are going on in countries like the USA, Germany and Norway despite you not learning about it in television, then your brain is simply not functioning on a level where you are able to understand and accept reality.

"The anonymous police officer said police recognize that innocent people will sometimes be targeted too, but some police departments consider that an acceptable price to pay for crime control." (Multistalkervictims)

[edit] The First phase: The harassment/surveillance program

"During the first phase of this Govt. program a person is broken physically and mentally. The methods used are typical CIA and FBI tactics like Cointelpro tactics. They use Echelon, Tempest, microchips, implants,see through wall radar, obtain informants, neighbors, and co-conspirators to harass, discredit, and harm an individual. Victims loose their families, jobs, homes, and cars. Ultimate goal to destroy a persons life which will isolate them from family, friends. The isolation is needed to have access to the person to conduct many of the experiments on them. All privacy and constitutional rights are thus stripped away." (Controlled America +)

[edit] Street theater / Gangstalking Operations

"The street theatre people are human degenerates making money off the bones of others" +

"Consider "street theater" as an example. Street theater refers to a form of harassment where a group of torturers act out little skits, either literally on the street or on the internet, in the media, etc., intended to harass and disturb an individual or to otherwise modify the victim's behavior. So if a group of people act out "street theater" to a random person to disturb him or her then, while this might be a crime, I would not necessarily call it mind control. It is when surveillance is combined with the "skits" to both track a person over time for harassment and to obtain personal information about a person to be used in the harassment that I would say a mind control operation is being carried out." (Motives for Mind Control +)

[edit] The second phase: The assaults of Directed Energy Weapons (electronic harassment)

"After a victim becomes isolated from everyone in the world. The victim now having feelings of regret, remorse, of loss, trauma, and are drained and broken emotionally and physically. Many begin experiencing extreme pain to their head. Some hear voices. Then pain is delivered to various other parts of their bodies. The pain is delivered by Directed Energy Weapons. No one sees anyone around them Then Mind Entrainment begins." (Controlled America +)

"There is abundant evidence in the public domain that non-lethal weapons research is ongoing and funded annually in the tens of millions of dollars, or more. Given the fact that chemical and biological weapons, mind control drugs and radiation have been tested on unwitting civilian populations, it is possible that non-lethal weapons have also been tested on unwitting citizens... To date, organized and academic medicine have acted as if non-lethal weapons do not exist." - (Dr. Colin A. Ross, p. 106 of Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality By Psychiatrists)

" Electronic harassment or e-harassment is a catch-all term used to describe a group of circumstances which a large number of people are currently experiencing in common. In general, this term refers to the use of electronic technology to view, track and/or harass a person from a distance. Whether this is done by satellite, land based systems or locally (i.e. by neighbours) is largely personal opinion. There is no definitive proof that would allow any of the present victims to launch a court case, but the numbers of victims and the commonality of experience speaks for itself.

The technology involves the use of electromagnetic waves of various frequencies to achieve different results. Some frequencies will make a person tired, while others may cause confusion or memory loss. With the rapid increase in cell phone usage, many experiments have been conducted on the detrimental effects of those particular frequencies on animals. The results indicate that the invisible em signals from cell towers can cause a wide range of physical ailments. If that is the case with the relatively narrow range of cell phone frequencies, it is even more likely the case with the frequencies which may be used to cause direct, intentional harm to a person." ( +

[edit] History

[edit] 2003

  • Bill 4513 +
    • "Bill 4513 is an amendment to 1931 PA 328, which defines crimes and prescribes penalties for crimes. The above crime is defined as: "a device designed to emit or radiate or that, as a result of its design, emits or radiates an electronic pulse, current, beam, signal, or microwave that is intended to cause harm to others or cause damage to, destroy, or disrupt any electronic or telecommunications system or device, including, but not limited to, a computer, computer network, or computer system".

[edit] 2005-06-14: "Harassment with beamed radiation, microwave and otherwise, is becoming a huge problem in the US and in other countries."

by Michael Howard Overlin +, 2005-06-14

Harassment with beamed radiation, microwave and otherwise, is becoming a huge problem in the US and in other countries. From time to time you see a newspaper article reporting on a family like this man's being victimized. There are many more complaints on the internet.

I suspect the vast majority of victims don't even realize what is being done to them. If this is done to you in your sleep, aimed at your head using infra-red viewing scopes, which can see through the walls of your bedroom, it will slowly damage your brain. Why? Maybe in a workplace or a university setting, where competition for advancement is intense, someone may target some of their colleagues in this way to gain a competitive advantage. (And I have personally seen such a use at a university, directed against other graduate students there.) The victims need never realize what is being done to them.

These secret attacks are going to rip apart the structure of democratic western societies. The police will do nothing about them, perhaps cannot. For every victim you hear about, there are probably thousands more who don't know they are being attacked, or don't speak out.

VERY IMPORTANT: TO MY KNOWLEDGE, NO VICTIM HAS EVER ENDED HIS / HER HARASSMENT BY SIMPLY MOVING. The attackers appear to be coordinated, or at least their leadership is. Every victim of needs to speak out as loudly as they can. I think this is the only possible way to end these attaks. An association of victims needs to be formed to fight back, perhaps picking partiular harassment cases and concentrating all of their efforts. I would like to see a hundred victims and their supporters converge on this man's neighborhood, and counter these attacks with force if necessary. If law enforcement will not do its job, self-defense becomes the only recourse. (But make sure you have superior numbers -- one family cannot take on a huge gang of vigilantes, obviously.)

There is much more to this issue than I can possibly talk about in one post. Read up.

My own web site: +

A site on victims in Germany: (English translation)

[edit] October 2005

  • 2005-10-28: Xtreme Defense +
    • "Lightning guns, heat rays, weapons that can make you hear the voice of God. This is what happens when the war on terror meets the entrepreneurial spirit"
    • "His latest is to use ultrasonic waves in the dazzler not to just blind enemies, but also to convey messages into their heads, similar to Gibbs's Medusa project. Hearing voices from God is a "big thing" in Arab culture, according to Bitar. "We flash-blind them. And, while their eyes are shut, you could send a recorded message or deep guttural voice that echoes in the inside of their head."

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[edit] Disinformation and psyops operations

[edit] Arsenal

[edit] More information on the Internet

[edit] Good advice for victims of Surveillance, Psychotronics, Mind control and (Gang-)Stalking Operations

You really should read this even if you are not yet a victim if you feel that the truth is important: Anyone who does not go along with global G8 New World Order tyranny will be watched, harassed and attacked.

If you are able to think for yourself and have your own opinions then you will be viewed as a potential threat. You don't even need to share them, having the ability to understand and reject the global propaganda apparatus and the mental slavery it imposes is enough. Knowledge is power, the alternative to educating yourself on these and other issues is slavery.

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